A Puritan Prayer

O Lord, who inhabits eternity

The heavens declare your glory and the earth your riches,

The universe is your handiwork, your presence everywhere 

You have made us what we are and given us what we have, 

In You we live and move and have our being  

Your providence has set the bounds of our lives and wisely administers our ways

We thank you for your riches to us in Christ,

 For the unclouded revelation of him in Your Word

Where we see Your Glory, Beauty, Grace and Love perfectly displayed

Help us always feel a need of your Saving grace, 

Subdue in us the love of sin

And let us know the need of renovation as well as forgiveness

That we might serve and enjoy You forever

We come to You in the all prevailing name of Jesus

With nothing of our own to plead  

No works, no worthiness, no promises

Much of our guilt arises from our privileges

And our failure to grasp the riches of your grace,

Impress them deeply on our hearts that we might not stray

Help us trust your promises that we might see and know that   

You order our path, our way, our lying down and our end

That we might live ever more for Your glory