Jonty Allcock - Lead Pastor (e-mail)

I am a follower of Jesus. I love Him because He first loved me. When I was far away, He gave His life to save me. That is a staggering fact that humbles me and at the same time lifts up my head.

My journey began in Southampton. I grew up in a home that was (not perfect but) full of Jesus. I left home to study Chemistry at Oxford and was confronted with a challenging question. Had I been brainwashed or did I really believe this? It was a struggle, I found university very hard. But as I looked closely into the Bible I came to the deep conviction that this is true. My experience of living the Christian life is that struggle and growing seem to go hand in hand.

On leaving university I got married to Linda and together we moved to Enfield in North London. I spent seven years training and being involved in local church ministry. I was then involved in planting a new church in Enfied where I served for a further seven years.

I have now moved into Central London (with Linda and my three boys) to continue the journey of faith here.  I am far from perfect, but Jesus is a patient and wonderful King. It is my great honour to serve Him at The Globe Church.