Phil Tinker

People have a different stories of how their lives changed knowing Christ. For me, as early as I can remember I knew that God was king and that he loved me. This didn't come out of thin air, it came from the Bible, God's story of his rescue plan for us and his call to trust him.

The rubber hit the road at school. I trusted in Jesus to forgive me for my life against God, but I also needed the other piece of the puzzle: change. Following Jesus makes a difference. My life following Christ is a story of those two themes- forgiven by Jesus, changing by Jesus.

Going from home in Hull to studying music in Nottingham, marrying Vicki, teaching English as a foreign language, now in London studying for church ministry, and with a daughter, I don't want to keep such amazing grace to myself. I'm thrilled to be part of a church family that wants to make Christ known on the South Bank and to the ends of the earth.